Testimonials: The best for Holyoke

deb-gloriaMy sister and I met Alex for the first time on our front porch when he was running for the office of the mayor four years ago. He was in our area meeting and greeting people and expressing his ideas for our city. My sister and I were impressed with his passion, spirit, and knowledge of the city and its needs. Having been disappointed with current administrations, we were eager to hear what Alex had to say. Alex expanded on some of his thoughts to renew Holyoke and raise the spirits of ALL PEOPLE. He spoke of ways to unite people in the fight to bring Holyoke back to the great city it can be. At that point in our conversation, my sister and I were sure that Alex would be getting our vote for mayor. We both feel that Alex has done a great job bringing our city forward just as he promised. For the last four years, Alex has worked tirelessly every single day with only the best for Holyoke in mind.

Alex is a man of integrity with a great love for our city. We are proud to call him a friend. 

Please re-elect Alex B. Morse on Tuesday, November 3. Let’s keep Holyoke moving forward.

Debra Dominguez (left) with her sister Gloria Morneau