Holyoke Police Supervisors Union Endorses Mayor Alex Morse

The Morse for Mayor Committee is honored to announce that the International Brotherhood of Police Officers Local #409 — the Holyoke Police Supervisors’ Union — has endorsed Mayor Morse’s reelection campaign. The Police Supervisors’ Union consists of all Captains, Lieutenants, and Sergeants in the Holyoke Police Department.

In endorsing Morse, the Local #409 cited the mayor’s unyielding support of the Holyoke Police Department and commitment to the principle of community policing. Since taking office in 2012, Mayor Morse has presided over a 16% overall drop in crime in Holyoke.

“While I’m honored by the Supervisors’ Union endorsement, it has been an even greater honor to get to work with the brave men and women of the Holyoke Police Department for the past six years,” Mayor Morse said. “Public safety is a complex issue. But in Holyoke, we’ve shown how a sensible and humane approach to policing can result in a strengthened police department and a safer, more compassionate community. I thank the Supervisors’ Union for their endorsement, and I look forward to continuing to make Holyoke a safe, welcoming place for all.”

In his time as mayor, Mayor Morse has supported investments in improved communications infrastructure and the addition of a K9 unit, among other important reforms.

Announcing the union’s endorsement, union president Lt. Lawrence Cournoyer said, “Mayor Morse understands public safety, and he has great respect for the work we police officers do every day. He has been an effective partner to the police department and a strong leader for the city’s public safety efforts as a whole. We are proud to support his reelection campaign, and are looking forward to working with this mayor for years to come.”