Testimonial: Back to the future


I support Alex Morse for mayor because he is a visionary who is working to bring Holyoke back to the place that my family came to 130 years ago, a place with abundant jobs and a sense of community and city pride. With Alex’s vision, Holyoke’s future is and will be inclusive of all of its citizens, regardless of their race, ethnicity or sexual identity.

Alex’s vision for the city has already begun. For the first time in 50 years, Amtrak is now stopping in Holyoke. We are now considered a
leader in green technology with the Green High Performance Technology Center. Downtown is undergoing an unprecedented revitalization. Our parks have expanded, including my personal favorite, the dog park at Community Field.

I have always been proud to tell people I am from Holyoke, and I am even more so now due to its continually improving reputation. This, in
large part, has to do with Mayor Morse’s successful management of this city over his last two terms. Progress takes time, and that’s why we have to stick with Alex. Please join me in investing in our future by voting for Alex Morse on Thursday, November 5.

Joe O’Hare, Holyoke