Mayor Morse Calls for 3 Pre-Preliminary Mayoral Debates

With seven weeks before the preliminary election, Mayor Alex Morse is calling for three pre-preliminary mayoral debates with his two opponents. In previous years, by seven weeks out, debates had already been organized. Since there are no debates planned as yet, the mayor is calling on community organizations and media outlets to put together three debates to give the people of Holyoke ample opportunity to hear from this year’s mayoral candidates.

“Holyokers deserve a meaningful debate about the issues our city faces, and with the preliminary drawing near, time is running out for that dialogue to happen. Voters are entitled to know who they are supporting and public debates empower folks to hear directly from candidates in public and unscripted forums. This race should be based on our ideas, our records, and our visions. I encourage local media and community organizations to hold these debates, and I expect that my opponents will agree to participate. I’m ready for this conversation to start, and I know Holyokers are, too,” Mayor Morse said.